Arthur Whitehead

Arthur Whitehead

Who am I:

I am a Cape Town, South Africa based Digital Artist that produces high quality advertising and media directed services.

My Journey:

As I child I was always visually imaginative and spent a lot of time watching movies and playing games. In high school it was no longer enough sit and watch so I started to create by making YouTube videos. I was found by an eSports gaming organization which allowed me to explore various fields such as graphic design, video editing, 2D / 3D animation and visual effects while helping them advertise their brand.

Since then I’ve done various work for clients involving graphic design, photography, illustration, video & audio editing / compositing, visual effects, color correction / grading, motion tracking, 2D animation, 3D modelling / animation / rendering, liquid & fire simulations.

Though my focus is 3D Commercials I still explore various visual fields and teach others what I learn through tutorials on YouTube.

My Services:

• Full 3D Rendered Commercials
• Product Visualization
• Video Editing / Compositing


Please feel free to contact me through email:
You can also follow my Facebook or Instagram to see more of my work and contact me through those pages too if you prefer.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my site and I hope to hear from you soon.